Valmont – cooking type BC


Early ware potato for fresh consumption

ORIGIN: The variety was bred by Potato Research Institute Havlíčkův Brod, Ltd as a cross of Hertha and Nora. Registration was performed in 2015.

TUBER DESCRIPTION: Tubers are oval, medium large, with shallow eyes, yellow skin and light-yellow flesh.

AGRONOMIC CHARACTERS: Early to medium early variety Valmont is suitable for fresh consumption. Boiled tubers have fluffy to medium firm texture, cooking type BC. After cooking darkening is mild. The variety gives high yield, also under irrigation. It is medium resistant to foliage late blight, mechanical damage of tubers, resistant to potato wart disease (D1), potato cyst nematode (Ro1) and common scab.

GROWER TIPS: Considering medium resistance to foliage late blight great care is required in late blight control, which is not possible without fungicide applications.

ADVANTAGES: Combination of high yield and resistance to common scab.

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