AXA – cooking type AB


Early ware potato variety with excellent cooking quality of salad type

ORIGIN: Variety Axa was bred by Vysočina Vyklantice, Inc. in cooperation with Potato Research Institute Havlíčkův Brod, Ltd. It is a cross between Lady Rosetta and Rustica. The registration was done in 2006; Axa has variety rights according to Decree No. 408/2000 Coll.

TUBER DESCRIPTION: Typical tubers of Axa are attractive, oval, medium-large, with red-spotted skin, shallow eyes and yellow flesh.

AGRONOMIC CHARACTERS: Axa is an early ware potato, giving medium yield of medium-large tubers. Boiled, yellow-fleshed tubers have an excellent cooking quality, are firm, delicious, cooking type AB. The variety Axa is resistant to viral diseases and tuber blight, potato nematode pathotype Ro1 and wart disease pathotype D1, tubers have increased resistance to potato common scab.

GROWER TIPS: Early planting of well-prepared seed potatoes, with focus on pre-sprouting or chitting, is a precondition for obtaining corresponding yields.

ADVANTAGES: Good storability. Tubers maintain the excellent cooking quality of salad type for the whole storage period to late spring months.

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