Keřkovské rohlíčky – cooking type BA-B


Medium-early ware salad potato, especially for Christmas

ORIGIN: The variety Keřkovské rohlíčky (Višňovské rohlíčky x Parnasia) was bred on Keřkov Breeding Station in 1940. It became very popular and sought after especially for its extraordinary suitability for salad preparation. Despite several problems (lower yield, lower resistance to viral diseases etc.) it was included in our variety assortment till 1984. Since in further years the interest in specific characters of this variety was not reduced, the department of biotechnologies of Potato Research Institute Havlíčkův Brod initiated activities for recovery of this variety. After three-year tests the variety was entered into the List of registered varieties in 1995 and this work was awarded by granting “Golden Ear 1995” during international agricultural fair “Bread Basket”.

TUBER DESCRIPTION: Typical tubers of Keřkovské rohlíčky are long fingerling, with light yellow flesh and smooth to medium rough yellow skin.

AGRONOMIC CHARACTERS: Ware medium-early variety Keřkovské rohlíčky gives lower yield of medium large to small tubers. Initial foliage growth is medium rapid, tuber bulking is slow. Number of tubers per plant is medium high to high. Boiled tubers have firm texture, cooking type BA-B, are medium mealy and have medium to strong browning. The variety is resistant to potato wart disease pathotype D1.

GROWER TIPS: Considering lower resistance to foliage late blight infection great care is required in late blight management, which is not possible without fungicide applications.

ADVANTAGES: Traditional salad potato, especially for Christmas.

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