Brambory - zdravá potravina

Thursday, 22. January 2015


Tubers are especially usable for feeding and energetic purposes.

Origin: selection of clones introduced into the Czech Republic

Plant description: The hill is intermediate, low (on average 180 – 200 cm),  the leaf is medium green, medium long, narrow. Rich flowers, already in summer months (in the latter half of July). Number of flowers is very high. Vegetation often ends before foliage freezing. Production of aboveground mass is low, reaching only 15 t/ha FM and 5 t/ha DM.

Tuber description: Tubers are dark yellow, very irregular shape with strong branching, resembling a cluster of several smaller tubers, grown together. Setting of tubers is very high, tuber yield is high – 48 t/ha on average of trials.

Agronomic characters: Tubers of the variety are especially usable for feeding and energetic purposes, less suitable for consumption due to shape. Aboveground part has extraordinary decorative appearance; the variety is suitable for decorative purpose. In addition, flowers are sought-after by bees; it is a honey-bearing variety. Despite of low yield foliage could be used for feeding and energetic purposes.

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