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 Main activities

  • National Program of Conservation and Utilization of Plant Gene Pool and Agro-biodiversity (coordinated by Crop Research Institute Prague – Ruzyně) – Potato Collection: gathering, evaluation and maintenance of world potato varieties, tetraploid hybrids, cultivated and wild species and interspecific hybrids in conjunction with Working Group on Potato (coordinated by European Cooperative Programme for Crop Genetic Resources Networks, International Plant Genetic Resources Institute)
  • solution and cooperation in solution of research projects (NAZV MZe ČR, TA ČR)
  • compilation of certified methodologies, technologies
  • consultancy, publication activity and oral presentations

Genová banka bramboru in vitro Regenerační pasáž vzorků Dlouhodobá kultivace bramboru

Topics of research projects

  • reducing the risk of the occurrence of the causal agent of bacterial ring rot of potato in the breeding and propagation material
  • establishment of a pilot plant for potato virus eradication by cryogenic temperatures and its material and energy intensity assessment
  • potato growing technology – new environment-friendly procedures
  • evaluation of wild potato tuber proteins potential for utilization in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) breeding and biotechnological applications
  • use of cryotherapy for elimination of selected pathogens in potato and hop
  • variability of potato leafroll luteovirus (PLRV), improved reliability of its detection and utilization of transgenic resistance
  • functional genomics and proteomics in plant breeding
  • use of colour-fleshed potatoes as an alternative crop with specific food quality
  • molecular and technological backgrounds of quality potato production

Převod stonkovými segmenty Mikrohlízky in vitro Tuberizující rostliny in vitro

Other activities

  • storage of potato gene bank collection under in vitro culture (2 454 accessions)
  • providing of materials from in vitro potato gene bank for breeding, research and education
  • in vitro potato gene bank revitalization and valorization
  • sustainable systems for quality potato production
    • storage of experimental GM potato collections
    • development and verification of procedures for active recovery of potato from viral diseases under in vitro culture, establishment and long-term maintenance of virus-free collections involving clones of varieties and potato hybrids
  • development of potato genotypes with increased resistance to biotic and abiotic stress

Services offered

  • transfer of potato genotypes into in vitro conditions using foliage segments, sprouts and seed sowing
  • recovery from viral diseases using explant techniques (thermotherapy, meristem isolation, chemotherapy)
  • long-term maintenance of in vitro accessions under cold conditions
  • preparation of initial virus-free in vitro plantlets for further propagation of potato varieties and hybrids in tissue culture

Ing. Vendulka Horáčková, CSc.

Jitka Záškodová
Marta Žáková

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