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Nekrotické lokální léze po umělé infekciThe laboratory is engaged in applied research on viral and viroid potato diseases, especially approaches of their exact diagnostics and differentiation on type and strain level, epidemiological studies, recovery and health state check in initial genetic and breeding materials. In the framework of other activities, a collection of potato virus isolates is gathered and maintained and materials are checked for presence of a set of quarantine viruses and viroid.

Main activities
solution of research projects from GA ČR, TA ČR, MŠMT, NAZV MZe ČR focused on:

  • research on virus variability, improved reliability of their laboratory diagnosis and utilization of transgenic resistance
  • epidemiological studies of viruses, viroids and approaches of virus-free breeding incl. cryotherapy
  • functional genomics and proteomics in plant breeding using recombinant technologies
  • maintenance of potato-pathogenic virus and viroid isolates
  • activities of phytosanitary laboratory for virus and virus-like organism diagnostics on potato
  • cooperation in solution of research projects on national and international level
  • consultancy, publication activity and oral presentations

Přístroje pro diagnózu LUMINEX obrázku Potřeby pro instantní diagnózu virů Indikátorové rostliny pro inokulace obrázku

Topics or research projects realized in recent period

  • molecular and technological backgrounds of quality potato production
  • variability of Potato leafroll luteovirus (PLRV), improved reliability of its detection and utilization of transgenic resistance
  • functional genomics and proteomics in plant breeding – recombinant antibodies of plant viruses
  • risk of quarantine viroid PSTVd sources for Solanaceae production cultures (potatoes, tomatoes) in context with viroid determination in ornamental plants
  • use of cryotherapy for elimination of selected pathogens in potato and hop
  • establishment of a pilot plant for potato virus eradication by cryogenic temperatures and its material and energy intensity assessment
  • sustainable systems for quality potato production – development and utilization of effective biotechnological methods and procedures for derivation and maintenance of healthy potato breeding materials

Přístroje pro diagnózu LUMINEX obrázku Potřeby pro instantní diagnózu virů Indikátorové rostliny pro inokulace obrázku

Other activities
National program on gene pool conservation of microorganisms and small animals of agronomic importance and utilization in reference diagnostics – Collection of potato pathogenic viruses

Services offered
Exact detection and diagnosis of potato viruses using modern laboratory methods incl. identification of virus strains and variants

Ing. Martin Kmoch, Ph.D.

Ivana Zavadilová

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