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headerDepartment of Genetic Resources

Dobrovského 2366, 580 01 Havlíčkův Brod
phone: +420 569 466 227, e-mail:

The department of genetic resources is the only workplace in the Czech Republic engaged in gathering, study and long-term maintenance of potato genetic resources. The activity is particularly directed to solution of research projects evaluating stored germplasm collections and development of initial breeding materials with regard to resistances to pathogens on diploid and tetraploid level. In addition, projects are investigated using biotechnological methods and procedures in preparation of experimental material, elimination of viral infection and material evaluation in an in vitro culture. Utilization of tissue cultures in practical clonal selection and maintenance breeding is ensured. Above mentioned issues are investigated in the framework of four laboratories – genetic resources, tissue culture, experimental breeding and analytical chemistry.

Head: Ing. Jaroslava Domkářová, Ph.D.

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