Brambory - zdravá potravina

Thursday, 22. January 2015


The variety is suitable for all purposes.

Origin: selection of clones introduced into the Czech Republic

Plant description: The hill is intermediate, medium high (approx. 260 – 320 cm), leaf is light green, long and medium broad. Flowers late in the autumn, number of flowers is medium. In the trials average yield of aboveground mass was 41 t/ha FM and 15 t/ha DM.

Tuber description: Tubers are regular-shaped, ovoid, medium oblong, broad with red skin. Average tuber yield in the trials was 38 t/ha.

Agronomic characters: It is a universal variety with medium production of aboveground mass and medium tuber yield. Due to skin colour and shape tubers are attractive for consumption purposes. In general, the variety is suitable for all uses.

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