Brambory - zdravá potravina

Thursday, 22. January 2015


Tubers are universally suitable for consumption, feeding and energetic purposes.

Plant description: The hill is shrubby-like, medium high (250 – 300 cm), the leaf is medium green, medium long and medium broad. Flowers are rare, late in the autumn; does not flower under cooler weather. Number of flowers is low. Observed average production of fresh aboveground mass was 54 t/ha FM and 16 t/ha DM.

Tuber description: Tubers are pear shaped, medium long and medium broad with light yellow skin. Tuber surface is less regular, slightly branching. Mean yield of tubers in the trials was 39 t/ha.

Agronomic characters: Skarlet is a variety with high production of aboveground mass, usable for feeding and energetic purposes. Tuber yield is medium, tubers are universally usable for consumption, feeding and energetic purposes.

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